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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Singleton Funeral and Cremation Service brings back the true meaning of “treated like family”. From Jim, Linda, Mark, Matthew, Chris, Elizabeth and the rest of the staff, my family cannot express our appreciation enough for the professionalism and compassion shown to us during the loss of my precious mother and my precious aunt. From the moment they were called, Singleton’s made us feel like we were not alone, they would be there for us. Jim, Linda and Mark proved it immediately that they were there to help in any way with my mom. They were so caring with their guidance in the planning of my mom’s funeral. Chris, the beautician, was wonderful with her talent to my mom and aunt. Matthew and Linda were so patient, thoughtful and very helpful as we planned my aunt’s funeral. They accommodated with any request or question. Matthew went above the call of duty in helping us with a delivery to my aunt’s funeral. He was amazing, along with Mark, as they treated my 88-year-old father with such respect. Jim, Linda and Mark showed us in their hugs and words that they truly cared for us and our loved ones. Jim even spoke a few words at my mom’s burial, which I know how proud my mom would have been, she thought the world of The Singleton’s. Elizabeth has kept in contact, making sure that we are not needing anything, and that means a lot. I remember 23 years ago, my grandmother’s service being held at Singleton’s, and years later, an uncle, and two more aunts. The same professionalism and compassion that was shown back then for our loved ones still held true for my mom and my aunt. To me, this legacy of caring and compassion that Singleton’s Funeral Home has instilled upon the community speaks louder than words could ever be spoken. We will never be able to thank Singleton’s Funeral Home and their Staff for allowing us to be “treated like family”, during the loss of our loved ones, and to Linda, never allowing a moment to go by without saying, “I love you”, my family will always be grateful and so honored knowing that Singleton’s Funeral Home holds the highest standards and committed to serve our community with this compassion. Thank you.

R. Thayer

July 27, 2023

Singleton Funeral Service treats you like family. They make sure all of your needs are met with caring and compassion. We were very pleased with everything. Very blessed for their service.

Jerry Gilbert

July 14, 2023

It is comforting to know that your family member is in good hands. Singleton’s always does a beautiful job, and makes these difficult times a little less hard with their caring, supportive staff.

Gene Whitt

May 28, 2023

The staff is very professional and caring. They take time to make sure you understand everything and answer any questions you may have. The facility is very beautiful and clean. I would highly recommend to everyone that is experiencing this difficult time. Thank you Singleton, I really appreciate everything and everyone.

Jan Hurley

April 06, 2023

I lost both of my parents within 3 weeks of each other. I was devastated and the level of professionalism that Mark and the staff provided was awesome. It felt like they were part of the family and were grieving with us. I told my girls this is where I want my services done. Not just of me. So they can take care of my girls when I'm gone. Thank you Mark.

Alfred Lee Keen Jr.

December 26, 2019

Very caring about our loss. Very caring and observant of what was needed when the family hadn't thought of it. Mark Singleton went above and beyond. Eddie Yates above and beyond caring.

Kathy B

November 19, 2019

All the firms service was great. Staffing was courteous and sympathetic. All was wonderful.

Ruth P

November 19, 2019

This funeral home goes above and beyond what you normally expect Courteous, respectful, and extremely caring and professional. The entire staff is so caring. The office staff is certainly like no other. Excellent!

Shirley M.

August 28, 2019

My service with Singleton Funeral Home was comforting and was very appreciated during this sad time. They made you feel very welcome and did everything possible to help with all arrangements. Jim and Linda Singleton were great and comforting, also Mark Singleton was great.

Kathy M.

April 30, 2018

Mark Singleton was awesome with the care he took with us. Susie was great with taking care of all the insurance.

Deborah B.

April 02, 2018

We were treated well in every way. The whole family was wonderful to us.

Marvin N.

March 15, 2018

This funeral home's attention to detail was impeccable. Their willingness to work with our family in a supportive role was truly above and beyond. Jim Singleton and Mark were both wonderful and supportive gentlemen to work with in this time of need.


The owners of the funeral home are A one. Everything was good.

Arizona C.

Mark Singleton was so helpful with this entire process. There were so many things that I had overlooked and he brought to my attention. He was so kind and patient with all our questions. I am so grateful to have his support during this difficult time. I appreciate how comforting Mark and his parents were to my mother.

Debi O

They told us about options that were available to us as far as him being a veteran. They were all very helpful and kind. We appreciate all they did for us. Susie goes above and beyond to help you. Mark showed us so much kindness and was very organized.

Patricia P.

Their service was perfect every step of the way. Mark, Jim, and Linda Singleton are wonderful, caring people. We are blessed to have them.

Lara A.

We were satisfied with everyone and everything that was done at Singletons Funeral Home. Thank you to the staff and Singleton Family.

Pauline P.

Mark is one of the best people to work with, he was very sincere and works great for our family through losing our mother. He is wonderful!

Kayla M.

They were very concerned about my well being and attentive to my wishes. Nothing to improve experience. Excellent service and care. Mark Singleton was very, very helpful and sensitive to my feelings and wishes. Secretary was very helpful with paperwork.

Patricia H.

I cannot think of anything at all that Singleton's could have done any better. Kindness, courteous, respectful, professional, all describe their services to our family. The staff were all so kind and genuinely wanted to do everything possible to make our experience as easy and stress free as possible. Mark Singleton was kind and compassionate. Susie Lowe was kind and respectful.


Mark, Jim, and Linda Singleton treat you like one of their own family members. They are professional but very personal as well. I love them!! Wonderful people and business. Very detailed and everything was beautiful and perfect. Nothing could have been done any better.

Melissa K.

The entire staff made such a difficult time as pleasant as possible. Their kindness, love, and compassion - could have done nothing further. Staff treated us as one of their family members.

Patricia B.

I would definitely recommend Singleton's funeral services. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how my mother’s funeral was arranged. Thanks so much.

Sally Cooper

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